Notes for this test

  1. The Basic IQ score results are free. For $14.95 a complete profile including graphs and sub catagory explanations is available.
  2. The "hero" will often play a hand horribly. Analyze the hand and choose the correct answer after you find yourself in a terrible spot.
  3. Much of poker involves adapting to player tendencies -- something almost impossible to test. This test will focus on difficult but relatively technical decisions that involve simplistic opponents.
  4. This is a timed test. Set aside about 30 minutes to complete the test.
  5. Some questions may seem to have more than one correct answer. Pick one most correct answer.
  6. Your image is "tight aggressive" unless otherwise noted.
  7. You may wish to select an answer that is not available, and the most correct/obvious answer may not be available.
  8. You will receive incomplete information for some questions. Many of the answers involve very close calls.
  9. For many opponents you will have limited or no reads.

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