Frequently Asked Questions

How well did I do? What does my score mean?

IQ Score      Skill Level
60 - 74 Donkey (Expected to lose quickly in all games)
75 - 89 Donator (Expected to lose in all games)
90 - 109 Average Player
(Expected to lose slowly in raked games, break even in homegames)
110 - 119 Low Stakes Winner (Wins at 100 NL and lower)
120 - 129 Medium Stakes Cash Pro / Tournament Pro
(Wins at 200-600 NL and tournament poker)
130 - 144 High Stakes Pro (Wins at 1K NL+)
145 - 159 Poker Genius

My computer crashed. How can I see my Complete Poker Intelligence Profile again?

You can login at any time to view your Complete Intelligence Profile using your email address and the password you received at that email address.

Why doesn't my credit card work? uses the latest in fraud prevention technologies. If your credit card was declined, please ensure that:

  • The credit card number is correct.
  • The expiration date is correct.
  • The card has not expired.
  • The CSC code from the back of the card is correct.
  • The address matches the card's billing address.
  • The name matches the name on the card.
  • There is sufficient available credit to cover the purchase.

If you have verified the above and your card is still being declined, please click here to write to us, and we'll look into this immediately.

How can I purchase the Complete Personal Intelligence Profile?

You can purchase the Complete Personal Intelligence Profile with a credit card immediately after receiving your IQ. Purchase with a credit card will display your profile immediately online.

You can also login at any time after taking the test to purchase your Complete Intelligence Profile.

Can I see a sample profile?

Please go here for a sample/example profile. This is not your profile, but it shows what your profile would "look like".

Can you give me more information about IQ scores and tests?

Please click here for an explanation of IQ testing and standard deviation.

My score is higher/lower than I expected. Is this a valid test?

Yes. Your score is compared to others answering the same questions. The test data is normalized so that the mean score is 100 and the distribution has the shape of a Gaussian function, with a standard deviation of 15.

The Standard Deviation of our test is 15

The mean score is 100

Total test takers to date is